Factory Floor is an interactive installation. When the viewer enters the room, a ramp invites them to accend the palette-tiled floor. Industrial sewing machines are arranged on the palettes as a factory, as “scientific management” suggests.  

The machine’s power sources are continually left on and each foot pedals, which control the machine’s clutch motors, is connected to an adjacent spring-loaded palette.  When the viewer applies pressure to the adjacent flooring tile with their body weight, the machine motors will be concurrently activated. As more viewers enter the space, more machines are activated, working faster and louder. When viewers are absent, the machines sit quietly vibrating. 

Each machine is "fed" with a band of fabric that continuously runs between its needle and base plate, like a belt. The machines are not be threaded; as they run, the needle perforates lines in the fabric. The build up of perforated bands causes the fabric to tear or split. The fabric then naturally overlaps and new bands of perforation and disintegration occur. 

FACTORY FLOOR suggests that the viewer’s relationship with mechanization, even with a tool normally used to perform a connection, perpetuates disconnection. The palette floor references the constant deportation of labor and industry to follow capital gains, advancing the separation of consumers from the value of labor and resources.