A b o u t

photo by Tim Robison

L I B B Y   O B R Y A N  is an artist based in Asheville, NC. Trained in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, business administration at the University of San Francisco, and fine art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, O’Bryan melds her hybrid background into a conceptual art practice. Her work has been exhibited at the Chicago Cultural Center, Illinois; South Eastern Center for Contemporary Art, Cameron Art Museum, and the Penland School of Crafts Gallery, North Carolina; the Knoxville Museum of Art, Tennessee; and was featured in PBS’s Craft in America series (Episode XII, May 2014).



Informed by her career in apparel production, O'Bryan creates environments that function outside the commodity driven marketplace as a container for the contemplation of everyday decisions and cultural norms. Although asserting a politicized agenda, the aestheticized temporality of my work gently implicates the viewer to provoke investigation and self-reflection. Her work can be viewed on the ART PRACTICE tab above.



Libby O’Bryan’s business, Western Carolina Sewing Company (Sew Co.), is an effort to preserve the skill of sewing and our domestic manufacturing economy.  Sew Co. offers sewn product development, cutting and sewing services of discerning quality with socially responsible and unconventional business concepts.  Sew Co. shares a roof and a vision for progressive production with The Oriole Mill in Hendersonville.